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Home Budget Book for iPad
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Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Home Budget Book with Advanced Family Sync helps you plan and manage your expenses, budget and income. Setup frequently used Payees, setup a monthly budget by category and enter your bills/income with due dates. Take pictures of the bills and tag them to an expense. Charts and analytic metrics show you your spending patterns and areas for control, you can even setup budget alerts to stay on track. Forecasts generated by the app show your future projected spend per month as well as projected payment for each payee, complex statistical models generate these forecasts. 

Advanced Family Sync feature of the app lets you easily share your data with your family/friends. Each member of your family can independently enter data on their device and upon sync the app will reconcile with each others data. Family Sync is a seamless and best in class fine grained sync (patent pending). Family Sync is an in-app purchase.

Tens of thousands of satisfied users across the world. Users love the simplicity of use and the powerful features of the app.

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Sync not working?
Make sure that you have the latest version of the app. Go to app store and check if you there are any pending updates and get the latest. Make sure your network connection is active. If you still cannot connect get in touch with us via email:

When will Sync subscription charges apply?
Sync subscription is set to auto-renew which means that your iTunes account will automatically be charged the subscription amount every period (1 yr or 6 months based on your subscription). You can turn this off from your iTunes account (click on app store app, navigate to your account at the bottom). If the subscription costs go up your auto renewal automatically is turned off, you will have to manually enable it to continue.

I have purchased sync but I still get the Purchase Dialog box, how do I resolve this issue?
Click on the "Already Purchased" option after clicking "More Details", this should correct the situation. Once the purchase is transferred you will see a dialog box stating that the service is now activated.

How do I disable auto-renew on Sync?
From your device touch App Store and then select the Featured tab. Scroll down to the bottom till you see your iTunes account name. Touch on the account name (if not signed on sign on), in the account details screen you will see a section for Auto Renewable Subscriptions, touch the Manage button and you can turn off the subscription renewal. Once you do this your subscription will not renew and will expire after the first year. TripBook will prompt you to renew your subscription.

Forgot Sync Password?
Touch the Sync tab and then touch on the info button (the button with "i"). You will see a reference number displayed. Send an email to with this reference number from your registered email and we will reset your password, it will take 24-48 hours, this process is being automated in the coming release. To make this process easier, take a snapshot of this screen after touching the info button - by touching your home and power button simultaneously, this picture will be stored in your album. Just email that picture to and wait for our response.

Getting Sync Subscription Expired Dialog box.
Make sure your subscription is not turned off. Sync is an auto-renew subscription (see earlier question on disabling renew). If you are still seeing the dialog box, touch already purchased and this should restore your subscription if it was active.

How do I save notes on the Trips screen in TripBook or the Monthly budget screen in Home Budget Book?
Enter the text in the text area and touch anywhere in the background. In the expense details screens make sure to touch the "Update or Add" buttons for notes to be saved.

Whats coming up in the next release?
We are working on simplifying the create trip screen, improved currency conversion and update, bug fixes, image upgrades. Please connect with us on  Facebook  and Twitter  and let us know what features you would like the most.

More Questions?
Review user manuals and contact: 

Enterprise Applications

In addition to our Consumer products we have a Suite of customized business products for various small-mid size business use cases. Please contact us if you have a need for a business/enterprise app backed by our analytic cloud.

We encourage you to connect with us and like us on Facebook  and Twitter . Checkout our Youtube channel for videos of app usage.

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